Your 'Scandal' Cheat Sheet for Season 5 (We're Rooting for Fitz & Olivia, Too!)

It's Scandal premiere day! If you have as big a crush on Shonda Rhimes as I do, then I know you're excited. But before you pour a big glass of red wine (Liv would be proud) and sit down to watch tonight's episode, here's a rundown of how things were when we last left Olivia Pope and Associates at the end of season four.


B-613 is presumably gone. After Attorney General David Rosen plotted for seasons to rid the world of the evil underbelly of the once CIA black-ops group, it looks like it's finally been accomplished. Just not by grand jury trial as planned.

Nope, Rowan (Olivia's dad) had those jurors killed, after pretending to be a donor to Mellie's Senate campaign, natch, and blackmailing her into giving him a list of names. Of course that list was the list of jurors, whom he had brutally murdered on a transport bus.

Thanks to Quinn, we later find out that Rowan had Huck do his dirty work for him. He said he didn't want to do it, but we all know how much Huck likes to hack people, and Quinn wasn't buying it. She put a gun to his head, and he begged her to pull the trigger ... and scene. I guess we will find out tonight if Huck is still around.

Meanwhile, after Mellie got blackmailed, she went to Cyrus with the information, and mentioned that the dude was going to release photos of her getting it on with the veep (remember that interlude?), along with something Fitz was involved with called Remington. Had anyone else forgotten that Mellie never knew about the plane of civilians Fitz was ordered to shoot down back before he became a politician and eventually the president? Of course Cyrus told her not to tell Fitz.

Sick and tired of Papa Pope always getting the best of her after the jurors were murdered, Olivia visited Mama Maya in prison, who condescendingly told her she'd never catch Rowan because no one knew he existed.

Of course, after Liv went to the head of the real CIA, she and Jake were promptly put into jail, where they were threatened with potential murders of loved ones until they signed that there was no B-613.

Just as she's feeling completely defeated by the man who fathered her (who also happens to be one of the most evil bastards on the planet), she threatens him over the phone that someone will get him eventually. To which he explains that no, no one will, because he had them all killed, and all the files incinerated.

So now Rowan plans to go back to being his alter ego, the doddering paleontologist Eli Pope at the Smithsonian. Except that the folks at OPA remembered they still had that 2 million dollars from when they tried to buy Liv back from the mid-season kidnapping fiasco (that went on about four episodes too long, but whatevs).

She couldn't take Command, AKA Rowan, but she did take down Eli Pope for embezzlement, and he goes to normal old jail. I give him three episodes max before he's out, wrecking havoc on the world and his daughter's life once again.

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OK, so now back to the love square that is Jake, Olivia, Fitz, and Mellie. Mellie won her Senate campaign, but then Liz (Portia de Rossi's character) accidentally lets it slip to Fitz that Mellie got blackmailed by some dude, and shows him the picture. Of course he recognizes Rowan, and he is instantly pissed. Later at the White House, he tells Mellie to pack her bags and get out before he kicks her out.

While that's happening, Jake and Olivia go back to her apartment, and Team Jake fans grabbed the Kleenex as he declared that he couldn't stay with her anymore, because he was in love with her, and she was in love with him.

The episode ended on the White House veranda, after Fitz visited Liv's apartment only to find her not there. He steps out onto the porch, and Team Fitz fans had all the feels as they finally seemed to get together for reals this time. Oh please let it last more than an episode or two!

Team Fitz all the way.


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