Here's the Episode of Your Favorite Netflix Show That Turned You Into a Binge-Watcher

Netflix, the website that single-handedly turned us all into reclusive, binge-watching monsters, has apparently been studying us throughout this entire transition. Great! That's cool, Netflix. In case you were wondering why, it was so it can now tell us exactly which episode hooked us on our latest TV conquest with surprising accuracy ... because it watched us do it.


So while it's embarrassing that somebody counted how many consecutive episodes of Orange Is the New Black I watched last weekend, those same people can also tell me that after episode 3, I was a goner. You were too. Here's the list:

Gossip Girl
You got hooked on: Episode 3. This episode is aptly titled "Poison Ivy," and we say aptly because this is where the show becomes an itch you can't scratch. And we mean that in a nice way.

House of Cards
You got hooked on: Episode 3. Frank Underwood is terrifying and we will never like him, but this is where he got funny. And when we were lost in the Underwood underworld forever. 

How I Met Your Mother
You got hooked on: Episode 8. Eight episodes. That's all it took before this show slowly consumed your life and your conversations for NINE YEARS.

Mad Men
You got hooked on: Episode 6. You know in the theme song where Don Draper was falling, falling, falling through New York? That was a metaphor. For you falling into this show's grasp.

Orange Is the New Black 
You got hooked on: Episode 3. Piper is a boring brand of crazy. But the rest of the girls at Litchfield Penitentiary? They're a pure strain of human and relatable insane, and we can't stop watching them.

Pretty Little Liars
You got hooked on: Episode 4. And how does it hook you? With all this "A" drama. Spoiler: It's going to be a VERY long time before you find out.

You got hooked on: Episode 2. Blame it on Olivia and her wonderful, tantalizing tension with Fritz. Sigh.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
You got hooked on: Episode 4. I think we can fairly blame this one on the theme song.

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Netflix accumulated the data by identifying the episode in each show's first season where at least 70 percent of the global viewers continued to watch through the end of the season. 

So is it really spying on us? Nah -- it's just stealing our data like the rest of the Internet. Should you be embarrassed that Google sends you directly to Netflix as soon as you type an "n" into the search bar? Probably. But it's okay -- we get it, too.


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