Leah Messer Seems Pretty Terrified of Corey Simms's Wife Miranda (VIDEO)

Leah Messer with baby
This season of Teen Mom 2 is about to go out with a bang -- for Leah Messer, at least. In a new clip from the season finale, Leah meets up with Corey Simms but doesn't want to talk to him because his wife, Miranda Patterson, is there. 


So why is this such a big deal? Apparently, Corey and Leah slept together recently, so yeah -- if Leah did help Corey cheat, she should be afraid to see Miranda. Can't blame her for that!

In the clip, Leah -- and her entourage of moral support: her cousin Chastity and her friend Brianna -- rolls up to a restaurant to meet up with Corey for the first time since she got out of rehab, and when she parks, she realizes that Miranda is actually there, too. 

Of course, Miranda and Leah have never gotten along, but if the cheating rumors are true? It's probably better if they avoid each other.

Add Miranda's presence to the fact that Leah was already nervous for this meet-up in the first place, and if I were her, I'd just stay in the car. 

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"I'm not doing the conversation if Miranda's here," Leah says. 

We have to wait 'til Thursday night's episode to find out what happens next, but I have a feeling a major confrontation is about to take place. Unless, of course, Leah decides to turn the car around and go back home ... a decision I definitely wouldn't blame her for. 

Teen Mom 2, how we'll miss you ... until all the drama comes back next season, anyway. 


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