Jade Roper's Huge Engagement Ring Doesn't Really Belong to Her (VIDEO)

Just because Bachelor in Paradise star Jade Roper has a 2-carat Neil Lane engagement ring on her hand doesn't mean it's legally hers ... or at least not yet. (Huh?)


When the TMZ Hollywood Tour ran into Jade and fiancé Tanner Tolbert outside of famed restaurant The Ivy (how convenient!), the couple admitted that ABC actually owns the sparkler for 2 years (or until they get married). If the pair can manage to stay together for that long, the $88,000 ring will finally actually belong to Jade.

Apparently such rules have been in place by ABC for some time, as an insurance policy of sorts, to ensure they're not just doling out spectacularly expensive baubles left and right to folks who are going to split before they even make it down the aisle.

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This makes total financial sense to me. If the couple isn't going to stay together, they should 100 percent have to return the ring. Still, I would feel completely uncomfortable walking around with such an expensive ring on my finger, knowing it isn't mine. I mean, what if something happens to it? You hear stories about lost engagement and wedding rings all of the time -- what happens in that event?

If I were Jade, I'd either keep that ring on all of the time (shower, gym, everywhere), or have it locked up in a safety deposit box for fear of something happening to it. I would not want to be on the hook for close to $90K, particularly for a ring that was never really mine to begin with. (I'm having anxiety just thinking about it.)

Jade, however, looks totally comfortable wearing the stunning piece of jewelry. Now let's see if she and Tanner can either make it down the aisle or stay together for 2 years. Diamond-adorned fingers crossed.


Image via PictureLux/Splash News

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