Kim Zolciak Clearly Isn't on 'Dancing With the Stars' to Dance

She may not have been sent home last night on Dancing with the Stars, but this lady is going to need to up her game if she wants to stay in the competition. Kim Zolciak opened up after the show about saying good-bye to Chaka Khan, what's wrong with her butt, and the reason she "needs" Botox every three months. In other words, she made it pretty clear that actually dancing on the show isn't at the top of her list of priorities.


Chaka Khan and Keo Motsepe were eliminated from the competition last night, despite the judges' notes about her improvement from the week before. Although Khan opted to skip the usual round of press interviews, Zolciak was more than happy to gush to Us Weekly on her behalf. 

"She's really a joy!" the Real Housewives of Atlanta star told Us about her former competitor. "It's so sad! She screams sex appeal. We'll miss her." Yes, because the show is purely based on sex appeal, and not technique or showmanship.

Zolciak, who's partnered with pro dancer Tony Dovolani, also improved from the first week, but judging from a post-show interview, she might not be around a whole lot longer. Instead of talking about what's she's doing to push herself during practice, or how hard yet rewarding the experience is, she talked about her butt. And why she has to get Botox every three months.

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After praising Khan's sex appeal, the 37-year-old seemed more concerned with her butt than anything else, lamenting that fact that she hadn't reached "buns of steel" level yet. Her partner Dovolani tried to reassure her that she has become stronger since they began working together, but she brushed the compliment off.

"Whatever. My calves might be stronger but who cares about my calves?" she asked. "I need my butt to be buns of steel!"

Then when asked about an Instagram snap she'd put up earlier in the day announcing that she was getting Botox injections, she revealed that she has to get Botox every 90 days because of her migraines.

Huh. Botox cures migraines? Let's hope so, because Kim seriously needs to get her head in the game and her butt (flabby or not) into rehearsals. She may ooze sex appeal of her own -- but that's not what the show is about. Focus on the dancing, Kim, or you can kiss that mirror ball trophy good-bye.


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