Farrah Abraham Gets Booed Right Out of the 'Celebrity Big Brother' House

Now in news that will shock absolutely no one -- Farrah Abraham has been officially kicked out of Celebrity Big Brother UK. I know. I know you're upset that the most unpopular member of the house got kicked off, especially after vowing to either kill or spit on people.


Let us take exactly three seconds for mourning the loss of this entertainment vehicle on the show before we learn about why she left.

OK, that's more than enough time. Apparently, Farrah was booted out of the house in a surprise elimination on Friday, September 18. And poor Farrah lost out to fellow adult film star Jenna Jameson. The top four of Team USA in the house has the opportunity to keep one more patriot around, and the tiebreaker was Austin Armacost, whose claim to fame is dating Marc Jacobs.

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We almost felt bad for Farrah, as the studio audience booed her on the way out the door. But not quite, since she has wished death upon these people, and has also vowed to spit on them. Both threats were said with equal venom, so it's hard to take either one seriously. You know Farrah. Le sigh.

This is the same girl who hooted and cheered for herself as the audience was booing her out of the Celebrity Big Brother UK house. In her exit interview, she claimed, "I miss my life. I miss my real life ... I think it's very hard for a real person to win this ... I don't buy into a lot of what goes on in the house."

Poor Farrah. We doubt she even knows what real is anymore.


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