Chris Harrison Gives His Two Cents on Those Ben Higgins & Tenley Molzahn Hookup Rumors

More than a few rumors have been flying around about new Bachelor Ben Higgins — namely, that he isn't so unlucky in love after all and is actually involved with one (or maybe even more than one) woman -- with all fingers pointing to Tenley Molzahn. Host Chris Harrison decided it was time to put all Ben/Tenley gossip to rest.


This summer, right before Ben confirmed that he had agreed to become the next Bachelor, people started talking about a possible hookup between him and Tenley, who appeared on Bachelor in Paradise and is a Bachelor alum. The pretty blonde was said to be quietly "hanging out" with the 27-year-old business analyst, and some worried that their relationship could affect Ben's ability to star on the reality dating TV series.

Naturally, the next question was: Are Bachelor producers going to use this opportunity to shake things up on season 20 and bring Tenley in to compete with the other women, who obviously don't have the same advantage as she does (so, basically, turn her into the next Nick Viall)?

Allow Harrison to clear this one up: It's not happening. In an interview with USA Today, he confirmed there is zero truth to the rumors: "Who is starting these rumors, Tenley? I have not heard that rumor. That's a new one even for me."

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I believe Harrison -- I really do. I have a feeling Ben and Tenley got together, maybe went on a few dates because they're both single and gorgeous and why wouldn't they? And then they probably realized they weren't right for each other and called it a day. If there was truly something going on here, I have a feeling Ben would have let producers know as soon as possible so they could rethink their strategy for season 20. He doesn't seem to me like the type of guy who is in this purely for fame.

Don't get me wrong, I'm sure fame isn't making him lose sleep at night -- it's probably a ton of fun for Ben to suddenly be noticed on the street (and by eligible bachelorettes) everywhere he roams. But I don't see him staying on in Hollywood and seeking additional TV opportunities. I have a feeling he'll appear on The Bachelor, find a great woman, and return to life as he knew it.

As for Tenley, I feel she's too big a personality to play a minor role as one of Ben's many women on The Bachelor. If she were to return to reality TV, I think it will be for a bigger piece of the pie -- possibly as the next Bachelorette.


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