'Downton Abbey' Enters the 21st Century in Hilarious 'Star Wars' Mashup (VIDEO)

If you've ever dreamed of watching Dame Maggie Smith wield a lightsaber while donning a period costume, this is the place for you. The Downton Abbey star played along with Rob James-Collier and Brendan Coyle for another installment of their Downton Wars, and it was just as good as you could have imagined it to be.


The premise is as simple and as preposterous as this -- Downton Abbey meets Star Wars. Rob James-Collier (the villainous Thomas on the PBS series) proved he's not a bit like his character when he put together Downton Wars: Episode 1—The Phantom Valet last spring to raise money for the charity Chiltern MS Center.


While the 16-minute video may be a bit long, there are enough funny moments to keep even casual viewers entertained. Like just around the two and a half minute mark, the fictional Thomas tries to convince Mr. Bates to come to the dark side ... to which Mr. Bates responds by telling him that he plagiarized that line.

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Shortly after that there's a great conversation between Daisy and Mrs. Patmore about gluten. "What's gluten?" they ponder thoughtfully from the kitchen.

And then of course there's Maggie Smith smartly wielding a lightsaber. Skip ahead to after 11 minutes if that's what you want to see -- It's glorious.


Image via Act on This/YouTube

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