Watch Miss Piggy Go From Diva to Demon in 'The Muppets' Premiere (VIDEO)

Who does Miss Piggy think she is? In the latest sneak peek of The Muppets we see Piggy in full diva mode and it ain't pretty. I don't know which temperamental celeb she's channeling (taking bets, leave a comment) but holy ham hock, she is out of control.


In the clip, Miss Piggy lists her outrageous demands to poor Kermit. Let's just say she's bizarrely paranoid about her privacy and she's not too gracious about her first cohost. Elizabeth Banks, are your ears burning? Check out the pig.

Yikes, right? What a snob. What an entitled harridan. What a monster! What a -- wait a minute.

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Miss Piggy has always been a handful. Yes, she's self-involved and vain and has a temper (with a black belt to go with it). But she's never been this odious. Is it the breakup? Working with your ex must be hard, even if your ex is sweet, meek little Kermit. But even that doesn't explain it.

I don't know if I like what they're doing with Piggy's character! Have we forgotten? She's also a strong woman-pig-thing. Whatever. She's a role model who proves you can be beautiful and assertive, that you can stand up for yourself without compromising your springy curls. 

I really hope we don't lose everything I used to adore about Miss Piggy. She doesn't deserve this character assassination. I stand with Miss Piggy! Who's with me?


Image via ABC

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