Witney Carson Offers New Insight on Chris Soules's Split From Whitney Bischoff

As much as the Bachelor curse is a very real thing, it was still a little shocking when Chris Soules and Whitney Bischoff announced they were breaking off their engagement earlier this year. But there's one person who wasn't shocked to hear the news: Chris's Dancing with the Stars partner, Witney Carson. In a new interview, Witney revealed she's glad that Chris and Whitney split. Ouch! 


Of course, she didn't exactly say it in those words -- but she definitely insinuated it. This week, Witney spoke with OK magazine about their split, and it sounds like there were definite issues in their relationship that Chris and Whitney haven't shared publicly yet.

"I was sad to see that," she said of their breakup. "I know he is happy and moving on. I know they are both moving on and wish them both the best."  

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"I hope he finds someone who supports his farming and is okay being in the middle of nowhere," Witney added. "He loves it so much. I hope he marries someone who supports that." 

Is it just me, or does it definitely sound like Witney's saying that Whitney and Chris didn't work out because Whitney couldn't adapt to Chris's quiet lifestyle? Of course, she was warned multiple times during the Bachelor process that she was essentially signing her life away to the farm if she decided to marry Chris, and maybe it sounded good at first ... but I can't exactly blame her if she wasn't willing to give up her fertility nurse career. Her job is so cool, and I wouldn't want to leave it either.  

For a while, it was rumored that Chris and Witney were dating, but it definitely doesn't seem like that's the case now -- especially now that Witney has a boyfriend. It's a shame, since she and Chris obviously had insane chemistry, but it's clear everything worked out for the best.

In the meantime? It's really sweet that Chris has a friend like Witney he can count on. It's going to be interesting to see who his next girlfriend is. Fingers crossed she's a fan of cows and corn!


Image via souleschris/Instagram 

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