Ben Higgins Caught Texting 'Bachelor in Paradise' Star Cassandra Ferguson

Ben HigginsBen Higgins might look cute and charming and wholesome on the outside, but the Internet would have you believe it's all a massive front. Apparently, his womanizing ways didn't end with Tenley Molzahn, and Ben texted and flirted with Cassandra Ferguson, another Bachelor in Paradise star.


Buuutttt okay. Do we really believe this? The info came from Reality Steve, who's usually pretty accurate with this stuff. But he also said that Ben and Cassandra never actually met in person and their "relationship" ended before Ben met Tenley.

Is it really fair to call texts flirting, though? We have no idea what was said. Maybe they were just ranking the producers' beards in a totally non-romantic way. Or something.

It obviously wasn't serious if Cassandra left the show with Justin Reich and then dumped him for Jonathan Holloway. I mean, the girl's obviously got other dudes on her mind.

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Plus, this was all before Ben was officially chosen as The Bachelor (although we all totally knew he had it). For all we know, he was just testing the waters to see if he wanted to commit to a relationship with a real woman before he committed to one with us -- you know, the one where he's on our TV and we get to watch him hang out with other girls.

Somewhat related: Reality Steve would also like us all to know that Ben is "no different from the rest of them." What does that even mean, Steve?!?!? That Ben H. is not an alien species designed to make us swoon? So noted.


Image via higgins.ben/Instagram

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