Jenelle Evans Is Playing With Fire by Taking Naughty Pics With Nathan Griffith

It's usually a good idea not to get naked with your ex-boyfriend. Especially if you share custody of a child together. Recipe for disaster, is all I'm saying. Especially if your relationship has been as toxic as Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith's has been. Yet, the Teen Mom 2 stars were recently captured on Snapchat -- where Jenelle and Nathan were wearing next to nothing.


The posts were of Nate in nothing but his skivvies, with Jenelle wearing some boy-cut underwear and a loose tank than showed off her sideboob quite generously. They two appeared to playfully roughhousing, and in one pic, she even has her fingers in his waistband.

Will she never learn?

Of course she tried to make the whole thing seem totally innocent. Jenelle told Wiretapped of the incident, "I went to drop off Kaiser and [Nathan] was, like, 'Let’s meet up for, you know, of course, a couple of drinks.'"

(Because that's going to end well.)

She continued, "And his mom had Kaiser for the night, and you know, we went back to his apartment. He was, like, 'Oh, you guys can stay here instead of driving all the way back two hours back home,' and we were, like, 'Yeah, we might as well.' So, we did that, and, you know, spent the night."

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Side note: Who is this "we" she speaks of? Was it the person posting the Snapchats? Mutual friend? We must know these things.

Anyway, Jenelle explained their scantily clad state by saying, "Oh, I told him, 'I need some pajamas to wear.' He's, like, 'Here, put this on, put that on.' I'm, like, 'Oh, OK.'"

Oh. OK. When asked if they might be getting back together again, she said, "The thing is, it's just -- I can't trust him, you know?"

We're aware.


Image via j_eavns8209/Instagram

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