Jane Krakowski Was Vying for a Role on 'Friends': 10 Times She Would Have Totally Ruled (GIFS)

The Emmy Awards are always an evening-long adventure full of strange news and weird jokes, but we all know the best stuff comes from the red carpet and not the actual show itself. This year, the biggest, most shocking bombshell was dropped by Jane Krakowski, who said she auditioned for Friends ... for the role of Rachel.


Can you imagine?? Can you imagine if instead of soft and sweet Jennifer Aniston we had self-described "white hooker/soul-sucking monster" Jane Krakowski?? (We're obviously assuming she'd just transfer her 30 Rock character Jenna Maroney onto the set of Friends).

What a world that would be.

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Actually, come to think of it, Rachel Green and Jenna Maroney aren't all that different. Jenna's basically a more extreme, more self-aware Rachel, who wouldn't grow or mature no matter how many seasons or love arcs she was put through.

We love you, Jen, but really. Jane Krakowski is the Rachel you never knew you needed. Proof:

Walking into Monica's apartment that first, fateful day like:


First job:


And naturally, her first paycheck:


Learning roommate etiquette:


Literally any point in any Friends episode:




Battling over Central Perk clientele:


(Reimagine this scene on the red couch):


Planning Monica's wedding like:


And looking back on all of this:


So are we right or are we right? Jane said she didn't make it very far in the casting process, but I do not think it would be inaccurate to say that this is definitive proof somebody made a grave mistake.


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