Shawn Booth Gets New Tattoo to Match Kaitlyn Bristowe's -- Guess They Aren't Breaking Up (PHOTO)

Marriage vows are, sadly, sometimes broken. But when you agree to get matching body ink, you better be sure you're in it for the long haul. Shawn Booth's recent tattoo proves his lifelong commitment to Kaitlyn Bristowe — he's not going anywhere.


One of the first things I noticed about Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe was the subtle but sweet dove tattoo she has on the back of her arm. She reportedly really likes doves because, no matter how far they fly, they always return home to their families. Clearly, her identification with the bird shows how important family is to her.

Well, it seems the same holds for Booth, who is moving to Nashville with his love after the two spent a considerable amount of time in her hometown of Vancouver. While traveling through Massachusetts and attending the Eastern States Exposition (known as "The Big E"), the personal trainer decided to show his love for Bristowe by getting a matching dove tattoo on the back of his arm. And here's the result:

Fresh ink. #TheBigE

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They're getting more adorable by the day, aren't they?

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To be honest: It's a pretty cool tattoo, regardless of whether Bristowe has one or not. Even if the couple were to break up one day, it's not as if this tat can't stand on its own. Now, if the two decide to enter a tattoo parlor together and emerge with each other's names on their bodies, that would be a sign that they've either temporarily lost their minds or are so sure of their shared future that they can't bear to wait another day before making their love official.

Given the way they're taking their relationship slowly and starting off by living together and just hanging out and traveling, I feel Kaitlyn and Shawn have a really solid chance of making it as a couple. They're not jumping the gun and cashing in with a quick reality TV show wedding or anything similarly crazy. They just seem like two people who are totally in love and really like spending time together. 

Stay tuned for even more meaningful and personal matching tattoos -- I feel it coming.


Image via kaitlynbristowe/Instagram

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