New Reality Show Is All About a Fresh Start for Moms & Daughters (VIDEO)

Call up your mother, pour a glass of wine, and get your tissues ready, ladies. Set to make its debut November 3 on Oxygen is Fix My Mom -- a reality show about mending issues between moms and daughters.


It's OK to roll your eyes at the thought of another reality show, but this one seems a bit different than the rest (although I guess we can all judge more once it airs). Calling on the expertise of life coach and emotional referee Laura Baron, five moms and their daughters will put everything on the table in hopes of leaving the past behind and mending aspects of their relationships that need resuscitating.

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Honestly, how many of us know a mother/daughter duo who's spent more time arguing and holding grudges than loving each other? Heck, how many are currently in some huge showdown that makes the mere thought of reconciliation a distant fantasy?

Fix My Mom

Five mother-daughter pairs are pushing the limits of their relationship. Catch Oxygen’s new series, #FixMyMom premiering November 3. Learn more:

Posted by Fix My Mom on Thursday, September 17, 2015

One can only hope such a show will inspire daughters and moms to open up to each other. I don't know about you, but I oftentimes find myself texting my mom "did you see that?" messages when I come across something that might grab her interest (and vice versa). Maybe this show -- and the honesty of those involved -- will inspire moms and their daughters to watch (together, separate, doesn't matter) and think about ways they can communicate better. Life is just too short to hold on to past hurt.

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Hey, therapy can be expensive. I'll take whatever free tips a life coach wants to throw my way -- even if they aren't directed toward me, they could still in some way speak to my situation.

I think I'll tell my mom about this program, as there will probably be some interesting takeaways we can apply (we aren't fighting, but could always improve stuff). Then again, I kinda don't want to receive a super long "oh how I love my eldest daughter, let me count the ways" voicemail or text (love ya, Ma!).

Will you watch?


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