Mackenzie Douthit Takes a Dig at Herself by Claiming She Isn't 'Smart'

After years of being obsessed with the Teen Mom franchise, I think it goes without saying that the stars don't always make the best decisions, especially since so many of them are so young. But does that mean they're stupid? No way. Unfortunately, Mackenzie Douthit doesn't think she's smart, and it's heartbreaking to hear she feels that way! 


In a series of tweets she posted this week, Mackenzie admitted that being smart has never come easily to her, which is why she's been all about that fitness life. Understandable: If you're not good at something, it's awesome to focus your talent on something you are good at ... but it definitely sounds like she's being too hard on herself.

Mackenzie's right -- not being good at school doesn't mean she's dumb. But it also doesn't mean she's not smart. And from everything we've seen of her on Teen Mom, it's obvious that she's a hardworking lady, and that's half the battle.

And if people are judging her based on her spelling on Twitter? Not cool! True, correct spelling and grammar are important in a lot of cases, but on social media? We wouldn't stress about it. 

If you ask me? Mackenzie is smart. Meanwhile, you can find me drooling over her fitness photos on Instagram ... and eating brownies.


Image via mackenzietaymckee/Instagram

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