Jeremy Calvert's Reaction to Divorce From Leah Messer Was Beyond Harsh (VIDEO)

In this week's episode of Teen Mom 2, we sort of got the feeling that Jeremy Calvert was happy to be divorced from Leah Messer. But in this deleted scene, we get the full extent of his jubilee to be done with his estranged wife and baby mama.


Take a look at what MTV producers decided not to share this week:

Can you believe what he had to say? "I'm a single motherf---er now ... I'm not married. That's a f---ing plus. It's over, the papers are signed ... it's been f---ing hell. No more, f--k that. It's peaceful, my house is f---king home."

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Leah's ex also seems to have moved on with a new girlfriend, presumably Brooke Wehr. He said, "I've been talking to another girl ... she's got her head on her shoulders. She has a job. She takes care of her kids on her own."

His harsh critique for Leah didn't end there though ... he also said of their daughter Addie, "I do not regret my daughter by no means but I damn sure regret who I had a child with."

Um yeah. That was way harsh, Jeremy.


Image via Jeremy Calvert/Twitter

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