'Bachelor' Chris Soules Shows Off a Newly Slimmed-Down Physique (PHOTO)

During his reign as ABC's Bachelor, he took his shirt off plenty of times, and we definitely weren't complaining. But since then, his physique has changed, and a recent photo showing off Chris Soules's weight loss is a little shocking.


On September 7, Chris shared a photo from his Iowa farm, and he's perched on some sort of farm-related contraption. He's all smiles, and he definitely looks good, but he's also definitely looking skinnier.

If you're worried about Chris, don't be -- I suspect there's a good explanation for this. His life has been a little stressful as of late with his busy schedule, and that could easily contribute to weight fluctuations.

Another possible reason for his weight loss: Now that his Dancing with the Stars days are behind him, he might not be training as hardcore as he once was. What we're seeing here could just be a loss of muscle bulk and definition.

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Regardless of the reason, though, I hope Chris is okay! He looks pretty happy to me, and now that he's back to business as usual on the farm, he's doing what he loves most again. And even minus a few pounds? Homeboy is still lookin' good. 

What's next for Chris? Finding Princess Farming, we hope. We can't wait to see who Chris ends up with ... even if we won't see him hand out roses again. 


Image via souleschris/Instagram

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