Ben Higgins May Be Having Second Thoughts About Being 'The Bachelor'

Noooo! Just as we were getting really excited about the prospect of watching him as The Bachelor, Ben Higgins is reportedly thinking about quitting the show -- because he may have already found the love of his life. Has there ever been worse timing?


Higgins already reportedly began shooting season 20, which means he has met the ladies and gone on a few reality TV show dates (which really can't be anything like real dates, let's be honest). But rumor has it that Ben met a girl back in Colorado named Kelly Osborn and that he's smitten with her -- the two even reportedly shared a date night at a Taylor Swift concert before Ben flew to L.A. to film The Bachelor.

The problem, as you might have guessed, is that Ben is now contractually obligated to appear on the show, whether he likes it or not. If he really wants to leave, it's going to cost ABC time and money, and I highly doubt Higgins will be willing to risk a potential lawsuit so that he can date a woman he appears to have only recently met.

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I say that not knowing whether Ben and Kelly have known each other for a few minutes or years, but we should remember this isn't the first time we've heard a rumor about his dating a woman prior to his Bachelor stint.

One month ago, it was reported that Ben and Bachelor alum Tenley Molzahn were hooking up but keeping things very quiet for the sake of the show. Mind you, Ben hasn't spoken about Tenley or Kelly. And, although Kelly posted a photo of the two on her Instagram, this is the only picture Ben shared from the Taylor Swift concert:

Could this all be an attempt to drum up publicity prior to the new season? My guess is: Yes, absolutely. Regardless of whether Ben actually went on a date with a pretty blonde, he isn't going to leave reality TV -- though I wouldn't be at shocked to see Tenley make an appearance on the show.


Image via higgins.ben/Instagram

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