Andi Dorfman's New 'Breakup' How-To Book Is Something Every Dumped Gal Needs

Former Bachelorette star Andi Dorfman has been touting her upcoming book as an "anti-self help" title that's all about her breakups, but her description of the project is utterly confusing.


E! News caught up with the attorney at a New York Fashion Week event and she had this to say about it:

It's about my breakup, basically. It's kind of the anti-self-help, how to get over a breakup. I basically did everything you could think of -- good, bad, ugly, depressing, psycho -- you name it, I did it, so this is kind of a book that talks about that.

So are we to assume this is just going to be a self-deprecating tale of woe on Andi's part? Something that explains away any rando behavior on her part that might eventually come out if Josh Murray starts talking?

It just sounds super vague and like she's trying to put a different spin on what essentially will amount to another Bachelor tell-all. She even admitted the book idea came from journaling her way through the breakup and in the end thinking her writing was...funny.

Again, I'm not entirely sure how a public breakup is supposed to end up feeling "funny," which is probably why I'll end up reading it. It's just always so interesting to me how people will go on dating shows, completely expose how they met and the way their relationship went down, yet not want to talk once it's over. Yes, it's obviously painful, but no one ever really seems to want to open up until a book deal comes a-knockin'.

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It makes financial sense for reality stars to save their stories for such lucrative deals, but it's eyeroll-inducing for viewers and fans who have been through this cycle one too many times.

Hopefully I'll be eating my words and loving Andi's book six months from now. Until then, I'll remain skeptical.

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