Farrah Abraham Pronounces Herself Queen of Reality TV (Yes, Really)

When she crossed the pond to star on this season of the UK's Celebrity Big Brother, the Brits probably didn't know that they were getting another type of royalty. She's already been antagonizing the entire cast since she got there, and now Farrah Abraham has pronounced herself the queen of reality TV on the show this week. And, no, I am not kidding.


When her housemates mentioned that perhaps the throne actually belongs to Kim Kardashian, Farrah balked, saying, "I've actually beat her."

That line begs one to ask, "How?"

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The Hollywood Gossip points out that maybe Farrah is referring to sales of her sex tape versus Kim's sex tape. That could be the case, but certainly not something I'd be inclined to brag about.

It is pretty incredible that despite threatening to kill the entire cast and attacking a housemate, UK viewers haven't voted the Teen Mom star off the show yet. I mean who is allowed to act this way and get away with it? I get that it's reality television and all but when bad behavior is rewarded instead of nipped in the bud all it does is breed more bad behavior.

I'm also super curious - is this an act Farrah is putting on to be "the villain" or is she actually this nutty and destructive in real life? I think the real reality competition would lie in putting all of the Teen Moms under one roof to live together for a few weeks. In that situation Farrah would be first voted out of the house. Mark my words.

Also living in the Celebrity Big Brother house are noteables like Tila Tequila, Jenna Jameson, Daniel Baldwin, and Atomic Kitten's Natasha Hamilton, among others. Good luck to all of them -- they're going to need it.

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