Miss Colorado Responds to Nurse-Bashing on 'The View' in the Most Inspiring Way

If Miss Colorado Kelley Johnson was offended by they way The View hosts Joy Behar and Michelle Collins insulted her monologue and the profession of nursing, she sure isn't showing it. In fact, Johnson spun the #nursesunite incident into something positive when she appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.


Ellen invited Johnson because when the pageant judges asked her which woman's face she'd choose to replace Alexander Hamilton's on the ten-dollar bill, Johnson picked DeGeneres. Aww!

So after all the jokes and mutual flattery, DeGeneres brought up Johnson's monologue, and guess what? Johnson admitted that people tried to talk her out of doing it! So Behar and Campbell weren't the only naysayers. Good thing she didn't listen to them, right?

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Johnson was incredibly gracious and did not mention those two or their insults at all (p.s. Campbell did apologize yesterday). Instead, she talked about how glad she was that it brought attention to the great work nurses do, and it brought the nursing community closer together.

To see it trend on Facebook and Twitter, especially to bring all these nurses together and have everybody standing up for our profession and giving them the voice that they deserve — they work so hard and they are life savers — that's all the message I wanted to give. It's about them; it's not about me.

Johnson, stop being so awesome! You are slaying us.

What a gracious way to handle this whole situation. I was impressed with Johnson's monologue to begin with. It was an original idea and she delivered it with heart. And she's so right about what nursing is all about.

But I'm still more impressed with the way she's remained positive -- and not in a fake way, either. She really does seem to see the good that came out of the whole situation. And can you believe she almost didn't deliver that monologue at all? Good thing she believed in herself and stuck with it.


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