Jade Roper & Tanner Tolbert's 'Bachelor in Paradise' Wedding Might Not Be Happening

Jade Ropper and Tanner Tolbert's Bachelor in Paradise proposal was as sweaty as it was sweet, and on After Paradise the two seemed eager to start their life together. But they might be too eager -- apparently, Chris Harrison doesn't think Tanner and Jade will have a wedding on next season's Paradise because he doesn't think they'll be able to wait that long.


It would be cute if it weren't annoying. 

Lacy Faddoul and Marcus Grodd did the Bachelor in Paradise wedding thing at the beginning of this season after getting engaged at the end of last, and I'll admit that it maybe wasn't as dreamy as they wanted it to be. Sure, it was the perfect locale, but half of their guests were ex-Bachelor stars in bikinis and jorts who definitely didn't know and probably didn't care about them much at all.

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So, it might be better for Jade and Tanner to hurry things up and get hitched before the producers can talk them into doing it on the show ... but it would be better for me if I got to watch them from my couch. So, guys, it's time to decide who's more important to you.

Chris Harrison talked to the HuffPost podcast "Here to Make Friends" about their wedding-to-be, and seemed skeptical -- not about their love, but about their patience. Which, all things considered, is the better thing to be skeptical about. 

Still, we'd like to see some glimpse of this wedding. I mean, we've been here since the beginning of their relationship and we deserve some pay-off. At least Instagram it, guys! Please!


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