Hillary Clinton Gets 'Donald Trump' to Tell Her What He Really Thinks About Women (VIDEO)

Donald Trump debating Hillary Clinton: It could happen this election season. So Hillary got a little practice session via a sketch on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon impersonating Trump. Clinton asked fake Trump a question we've all been wanting to ask.


"What is your stance on women's issues?" Clinton asked. Fake Trump had the perfect response. 

"Look, I know a lot of women. And they all have issues. Next question!"

Haha, that's such a Trump answer! Make a joke, move along quickly. And the thing is, it's true. Trump does know a lot of women, and I completely believe he thinks we all have issues. 

So weird, though -- in the sketch it's actually Trump interviewing Hillary Clinton, and he doesn't ask any questions about her emails or Benghazi. You know in real life that's where he'd go, and then he'd interrupt her before she could finish responding.

Oh man, I'm going to miss Donald Trump when he's no longer running for president. Aren't you? He's really livened things up. And Jimmy Fallon's impersonation is TOO GOOD. We need Trump to hang in there in the elections just a little bit longer so we can have a few more of Jimmy's sketches. You have to see the hilarious advice he gives Clinton.


Image via The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon/YouTube

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