Leah Messer's Ex-Husbands Team Up Behind Her Back While She's in Therapy

Whoa, this week's episode of Teen Mom 2 was all about the dads, and boy was there drama. Between Leah's ex-husbands meeting together and Jo Rivera not taking Isaac to his last soccer game -- the girls have a good reason to be upset this week.


Let's start with Kailyn Lowry, who has been having issues with Jo Rivera paying child support for Isaac. Last week he begged her and Javi Marroquin not to take him to court, and this week he seemed to be avoiding them at all costs. He not only didn't take Isaac to his soccer game and medal ceremony, he also refused to attend his preschool graduation. At least the 5-year-old didn't have to miss out on that, but geez! He probably would have liked his dad there.

Then there's Jenelle Evans, who admits that she has been "hooking up" with Nathan Griffith since the domestic violence charges against him were dropped. During one of their ugly, on-camera fights, Nate screamed at her that she was "trailer trash," and "not special." She later found out that he filed domestic violence charges against her, after a dust up involving her cellphone.

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Chelsea Houska is set to spend Father's Day weekend with her dad Randy and super hot boyfriend Cole DeBoer while Aubree spends time with her dad Adam Lind and his parents' house. She was very dismayed to discover that Adam chose to spend that weekend in Denver, instead of with his daughter. Aubs later informed Chels that while they had tried to call him twice, he didn't pick up the phone. Way to be a dad, Adam. In a super sad moment, Aubree told Chelsea, "I wish my dad was gonna act like [Cole]."

The there was Leah Messer, who has been away at a treatment center to deal with her anxiety and depression. Her divorce with Jeremy Calvert is finalized, and then he meets up with Leah's first husband Corey Simms to discuss their children. Both guys talk about the weight of the world being lifted off of them being divorced from Leah, and we can't help but feel bad for the girl. They also both are convinced that she's hooked on prescription drugs, and don't believe that one month in a treatment center is going to cure her. They worry about their children's futures, and consider fighting for more custody.

All in all, it was a pretty rough episode for everyone.


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