30 Photos of the 'Teen Mom' Kids That Are Impossible to Resist

Lauren Brown | Jan 24, 2019 TV
30 Photos of the 'Teen Mom' Kids That Are Impossible to Resist

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We watch Teen Mom for the drama, but let's be honest here -- we also watch for the adorableness of the kids! One of the coolest things about the Teen Mom franchise is how we've seen the babies be born and then grow up before our eyes, from those early days on 16 and Pregnant to now. Incredible, isn't it? We've watched the show for so long that we feel like we know them, and we sympathize with their struggles as much as we celebrate their successes. And when it comes to the kids on the show, they are just plain cute! Also, since the moms keep adding new babies into the mix, there is never a shortage of sweet photos for us to ooh and ahh over.

We really just can't get enough of our favorite Monday night guilty pleasure. And who could blame us? Every week there is new drama that is so over the top, it's hard to pay attention to anything else! From fist fights, drug use, jail time, some interesting career choices -- and in fact, some interesting choices in men, if we are being quite honest -- these ladies are always doing something that gets tongues wagging. But underneath all that drama is a fierce love for their kids. All of these ladies have learned from the challenges in their lives, and no matter what obstacles have been thrown their way, it's clear that they all love being mothers, and they always strive to make their children their first priority. Here are some of our favorite pictures, past and present, of the Teen Mom kids we can't help but adore.

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