27 Pics of the 'Teen Mom' Kids That Are Impossible to Resist

Lauren Brown | Sep 23, 2015 TV

Chelsea Houska

We watch Teen Mom for the drama, but let's be honest here -- we also watch for the adorableness of the kids! One of the coolest things about the Teen Mom franchise is how we've seen the babies be born and then grow up before our very eyes, from those early days on 16 and Pregnant to now. Incredible, isn't it? And as much drama as the older generation gets in, we would never take our disdain for certain Teen Moms out on their kids. Some of these youngsters are just plain CUTE. 

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We tend to focus on the teen part of the Teen Mom franchise. And who could blame us? Every week there is new drama that is so over the top, it's hard to pay attention to anything else! From fist fights, drug use, jail time, some very interesting career choices -- and in fact, some interesting choices in men, if we are being quite honest -- these ladies are always doing something that gets tongues wagging. But underneath all that drama are their kids. Who, TBH, are pretty cute. From Bentley to Sophia, these babies have grown up in front of our eyes, and they still do all the goofy, adorable things kids do even if their parents aren't on a reality show. To pay homage to the true stars of this docu-series, here are some of our favorite pictures of the kids looking cute as ever!


Image via chelseahouska/Instagram

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