Mindy Kaling Has Major Planning in Store on 'The Mindy Project' & We're Here to Help (GIFs)

After all the dramatic months of waiting (and a casual network shift), The Mindy Project is back and killing it as hard as it normally does. We're only one episode in, but we already know big things will be happening this season, whether we're ready for them or not. Actually, there are two major things we're here to help Min with: One is Mindy's baby (obviously), and the second was revealed in last night's episode, WHICH WE ARE ABOUT TO SPOIL. JUST A HEADS UP.


Right, so Mindy and Danny are having a baby, and since they're the professional OB/GYNs, we're not going to be much help here.

But the two lovebirds are also getting married (!!!) and we're more than ready to help out with that

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Actually, we're pretty sure we could plan this thing for her. I mean, we all know it's Mindy's party (sorry, no Ken Burns here, Danny) and we know exactly what she'd want. Watch.

Her maid of honor?

And her bachelorette party?

Her dress will be hot pink, sequined, and 18 feet long.


We'll have a milkshake and fries, please.

What about the dancing?

Flaming shots mandatory.

Don't even try to tell us this doesn't sound like an amazing party. Min knows.



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