Carly Waddell Accused of Milking Her Breakup With Kirk DeWindt to Boost Her Career

At this point in the Bachelor franchise, it often seems like the contestants without an ulterior motive are few and far between. Rumors are swirling that Carly Waddell is using her breakup with Kirk DeWindt to kick-start her music career.


When Carly got dumped by Kirk on the Bachelor in Paradise season finale, everyone pulled out a Kleenex for the blond singer who seemed completely shocked by the breakup. But Celeb Dirty Laundry reveals insiders are saying Carly knew the end was near all along.

To commemorate her brief time with Kirk in paradise, Carly released an epic breakup ballad. Pretty well-timed, don't you think?

Allegedly Carly wants to be the next Taylor Swift, and is using her reality TV heartbreak to garner more publicity for her music. In fact, some insiders are saying this may have been her motive for pursuing the show all along.

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To be perfectly honest, even if Carly is playing up the relationship's end for her own self-interest, one can hardly blame her. Reality TV has a way of chewing people up and spitting them out, so why not play the game in the opposite direction? However, I do think Carly's going to be a little disappointed by the fact that her breakup material isn't going to be as newsworthy as, say, the stuff Taylor has written about Joe Jonas, John Mayer, or Harry Styles. Those are the big leagues, my friend.

Plenty of other Bachelor contestants have used their reality fame to promote their businesses, so I'm not going to judge Carly on this one. Although, think of the publicity she could get if she wrote some wedding music for Jade and Tanner or Kaitlyn and Shawn. Just a little suggestion, Carly.


Image via ABC

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