Vee Torres Lashes Out at Kailyn Lowry on Twitter -- It's Pretty Ugly

So much for Kail's recent declaration that Jo Rivera was a good dad. Kailyn Lowry and Vee Torres got into it on Twitter over the weekend, and things became very heated very quickly over their shared baby daddy.


Kailyn and Jo share 5-year-old Isaac, and Vee and Jo are expecting a baby girl any day now. Child support has been a contentious issue on the last couple of episodes of Teen Mom 2, and Jo almost broke down the last time he met Kail and Javi on camera to discuss payments.

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A fan of the show decided to tweet Kail and Javi and beg them not to take Jo to court over child support, and they decided to let it drop that not only is Jo unemployed, but he also isn't looking for work because he doesn't want a job, and he's been in jail for failure to pay support.

Whoa. Jo didn't really chime in on the subject (feeling guilty, much?), but Vee wasn't about to have her man raked over the coals. While she didn't mention Kail by name, who else could she be talking about here?

And here?

Hmmm ... it's totally understandable that Vee would want to defend her man, but if he really isn't paying child support, that's an issue. Especially if he doesn't have a job and has no plans to find one.

Let's just hope they can all work this out for the kids.


Image via kaillowry/Instagram

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