We Love Chris Harrison's Pick for the 'Bachelor' Alum Who’d Be the Best Miss America

No one's going to try to deny that Chris Harrison has an amazing job -- I mean, the guy gets to hang out in exotic locales with a bunch of beautiful men and women ... and he gets paid to do it. But sometimes, knowing so many gorgeous people can be tough -- like, for example, if someone asks you to choose the Bachelor star who would make the best Miss America. Chris's choice? Tenley Molzahn, of course.


We already know that Tenley is beautiful and smart and so, so sweet, and Chris only had good things to add to that list:

I know she's talented because she can dance, she can perform, she worked for Disney for a while ... I know she's smart. She's obviously beautiful -- they all are. So I'm going to go with Tenley. 

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Seems like a pretty good choice to us! Ten's even already a fan of the program -- she tweeted her support for Kelley Johnson, the Colorado contestant, during the live special this weekend:

So, Chris is in, Tenley is in, we're in -- what do we have to lose??


Image via chrisbharrison/Instagram

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