'Bachelor in Paradise' Stars JJ Lane & Juelia Kinney Are Sure Acting Like They're a Couple (PHOTO)

JJ Lane Juelia KinneyAhhhhhh!! There's a chance that we're simply reading way too much into this, but based on a new photo of the two of them together that has popped up on Twitter, it really does look like JJ Lane and Juelia Kinney are dating, which would hands-down make them about the most adorbs Bachelor in Paradise couple we've had the pleasure of seeing get together.


We don't want to go getting our hopes up just yet that they've somehow managed to form a love connection, but take a look at this little gem and tell us what else it could possibly mean?!?

And then JJ retweeted the pic with this caption:

OMG. Dying. They HAVE to be seeing each other. They just have to. Oh come on, can you think of a more perfect love story to come out of the drama-fest that is Bachelor in Paradise?

They both have toddlers. They're both gorgeous. They're both longing for someone to share their life with. And they started off as friends as opposed to lovers, which is the best possible foundation for any relationship, right?

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If this pic doesn't convince you that JJ and Juelia are about to live happily ever after, then how about this tweet, which indicates that the two of them are about to have a reunion of sorts.

Um ... Xo? You don't normally say that to a dude who's just a friend.

Stay tuned, people. We plan on continuing to stalk watch both of their Twitter and Instagram accounts for any further evidence that they're happy, in love, and totally meant to be. (Fingers crossed!)


Image via jueliakinney/Instagram

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