'Bachelor in Paradise' Star Ashley Salter Is Engaged to the Last Person You'd Expect (PHOTO)

Ashley SalterShe may not have found her happily ever after on Bachelor in Paradise, but Ashley Salter recently announced her engagement — and she didn't have to look very far to find the love of her life.


The pretty 25-year-old, who was featured on BiP season 2 after being eliminated by Chris Soules in week 4 of The Bachelor, discovered that her one true love was actually someone she knew very well — her old college boyfriend Austin Brannen, who reportedly asked her to marry him on a rooftop with romantic roses in hand.

Salter made it perfectly clear she only has one guy on her brain — and it isn't Dan Cox or Nick Peterson, neither of whom won her heart on BiP.

my one and only love @agbrannen

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The Auburn University alumna first met and fell for her fiancé back in school, which is awesome because it means he isn't with her because she is suddenly recognizable thanks to her reality TV appearances. They reportedly rekindled their romance the minute she left Mexico, so I guess you could say she ultimately has BiP to thank for her love luck.

Sometimes the only thing we need in life is to be hit over the head (repeatedly, if you're a contestant on any Bachelor Nation show) by the reality of what isn't right for you in life, in order to see clearly that your soul mate has been standing there all along.

Congratulations to Ashley and Austin, who can now inspire other Bachelor contestants to look closer to home.


Image via absalt/Instagram

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