'Real Housewives of New Jersey' Special Will Reveal the Heartbreaking Truth About Teresa Giudice's Prison Stay

She's halfway through with her prison sentence, but how is Teresa Giudice's family coping with her absence? In a preview clip for an upcoming Real Housewives of New Jersey special, we get to see how Joe Giudice is doing at home with the kids -- and it's pretty much as chaotic as you'd expect.


Hey, it's rough to play Mr. Mom all of a sudden, especially to four daughters, and even more so while dealing with the emotional trauma of dealing with your wife in jail, all while anticipating your own 41-month sentence.

The Giudices were sentenced to jail time as part of a plea bargain in their fraud and bankruptcy case, but the judge allowed Teresa to serve her 15-month sentence before Joe, so that the girls wouldn't be without a parent. She was incarcerated January 5, but is expected to be home before Christmas thanks to a shorter sentencing.

Anyway, take a look at this clip, and try not to feel too many feels as Teresa prays for her family over the phone.

While it's fun to watch Joe grapple with day-to-day mom issues like hair brushing and keeping the kids from drinking the coffee, it's also heartbreaking to see them miss Teresa so much. She may be a spitfire on the show, but it's obvious that she's an integral part of that family.

When describing how her dad is doing, 14-year-old Gia said, "I mean, he's pretty good ... He helps out and tries his best. It's rough without my mom there."

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Joe even admitted, "It's hard keeping up with all these kids. I'm doing a lot. I think I've lost about 10 pounds ... It's just amazing how [Teresa] still controls everything while she's in there."

The scene that hit home the most, though, was Teresa calling home from prison and leading her family in a prayer. "Oh, please God bring me home to my family as soon as possible," she prayed. "And bless my four daughters and my husband. Amen."

Ack! It's got to be rough. Tune into the three-part special on Sunday, Oct. 11, at 8 p.m. ET on Bravo.


Image via teresagiudice/Instagram

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