Chelsea Houska's Custody Arrangement With Adam Lind Is Finally Settled ... for Now

We've been watching Chelsea Houska and Adam Lind battle for custody of their daughter Aubree this season on Teen Mom 2, and it finally ended recently with Chelsea retaining full custody of Aubree, with an order to reevaluate in six months' time.


Thanks to the magic of TV filming, six months actually just came and went in real life -- so what did the judge decide this time regarding where Aubs will spend her time with her parents?

Unsurprisingly, Chels is keeping full custody of her little girl, and Adam will continue with his supervised visitations at his parents' house. Maybe if he didn't have "too much girlfriends," as Aubree put it in a recent episode, things would have gone differently for him. Alas, it didn't.

"Nothing has changed," a source close to Chels said of their custody situation. "Aubree just started kindergarten, and Chelsea feels that her daughter needs to be comfortable with her new routine before anything else changes."

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Yes, Aubs needs to adjust to her new school, and Adam probably needs to adjust to being an actual involved parent. Maybe he could spend more time with his daughter while she's at his parents' house every other weekend. Or, you know, stop breaking the law by taking her out on his own, which we've seen him do a few times on the show.

Maybe work on getting his driver's license back, you know, so he could actually drive her around if he got more custody. What's he going to do, Uber her all over Sioux Falls?

Anyway, we couldn't be happier for Chelsea and her little family, which now includes her super sweet and hunky live-in boyfriend Cole DeBoer, and their pet pig Pete. 


Image via chelseahouska/Instagram

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