Farrah Abraham May Have Kissed Her Breast Implants Goodbye (PHOTO)

Where the heck did it go? Farrah Abraham's chest seems to have shrunk overnight, leading us to very unscientifically suspect that Farrah had her impressive implants removed. The Teen Mom OG star posted a picture on Twitter recently, and well ... let's just say it looked like something was missing.


Farrah has long been a fan of plastic surgery, having had two breast enhancements already, a chin implant put in and later removed, multiple lip procedures, and who knows what else. But take a look at this picture and see if you notice a flatter chest than her usual D-cups. 

Of course it could be the camera angle, but could it be that this girl has finally come to her senses and decided to embrace her natural bust size? We highly doubt it, especially with someone who has repeatedly said that they will allow their 6-year-old to have all the plastic surgery she wants someday, so she that she can feel comfortable in her own body.

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Le sigh. This girl may never learn. Let's just hope she's setting aside some cash for Sophia's therapy fund as well as for her future cosmetic procedure fund. She's probably going to need it.


Image via F1Abraham/Twitter

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