Leah Messer Claims Her 'Teen Mom 2' Drug Problems Were 'Scripted' by MTV (VIDEO)

leah messerHaving two of your exes gang up on you behind your back would be a nightmare for anyone -- and it's a nightmare Teen Mom 2 star Leah Messer is living right now thanks to a preview clip showing former flames Corey Simms and Jeremy Calvert bashing the mother of their children for Leah's alleged "prescription pill problem."


In the clip, Simms and Calvert can be seen venting in a West Virginia pizza joint over what they claim is Messer's ongoing drug problem. 

"This drug issue that everybody knows she has is swept under the carpet, and she don't want anybody knowing where she went," says Simms. "We're the fathers of her children. We need to know what's going on with the mother of our children." 

Fair enough. Calvert, meanwhile -- the more recent ex-husband -- still seems a bit shaken up by his issues with Messer.

"She went from being normal to a complete 180," he says. "Prescription pill problem."

Check it out:

Yikes. While it's lovely (?!) to see these two bonding, what they're accusing Messer of here is pretty harsh -- and she's having none of it! Messer (who's been to rehab, for what it's worth) took to Twitter to deny the allegations, sharing a link to the clip and calling it "scripted" and "set up" to make it look like Calvert was talking to Simms when he was really being prompted by a producer:

Messer also tweeted that she "doesn't care" if she gets in trouble with MTV for her comments and that she should open her mouth more often.

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But is she speaking the truth? Hard to say. On the one hand, it does seem sort of unlikely that Calvert and Simms would join forces against their mutual ex; on the other, it makes perfect sense (she is, as they say, the "mother of their children"). And there have been many rumors that Messer's aforementioned rehab stint this June was not for anxiety and depression, as she claimed, but for prescription painkiller abuse. 

Either way, seeing her exes talk about her that way must have been pretty painful, and if she isn't 100 percent recovered, it's the kind of thing that could really send her into a downward spiral. So let's hope that whatever the truth is, Messer can stay on the right track -- for her children's sakes.


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