Nick Viall's Heartbreaking Message Leads Us to Believe He's Still Not Over Kaitlyn

Nick ViallMan. Even though it's been weeks since we watched Shawn Booth get down on one knee and propose to Kaitlyn Bristowe, apparently the man Kaitlyn turned down hasn't quite gotten over the heartbreak he endured on the Bachelorette finale just yet.


OMG. Check out this tweet Nick Viall posted, which is so darn sad, we're not sure whether to cry or ... offer to do anything and everything in our power to try and console him. (Translation -- who else wouldn't mind being his rebound girl?)

Ugh. While we can't know for sure what or whom Nick was referencing with this tweet, it's fairly safe to assume he's talking about Kaitlyn, right?

Certainly he can't be referring to Andi Dorfman, given how long ago their breakup went down, so he has to be trying to not-so-subtly let Kaitlyn know that he's still carrying a torch for her.

And honestly, we can't really blame the guy, you know, given the fact that she not only led him to believe he was the one for her, but also let the poor dude get through an entire proposal before kicking him to the curb.

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If Nick truly thought he was going to marry Kaitlyn, we can't expect for him to forget about her in a matter of weeks. Of course, given the track record of past Bachelorette couples, there's always the chance that Kaitlyn will wind up single and ready to mingle again in the not-so-distant future.

But even if she and Shawn don't make it to the altar, who else thinks Nick can do way better than a woman who clearly has no idea what, or who, she wants in life?

Hang in there, Nick. Your perfect match has to be ready and waiting, right around the corner.


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