'Bachelor' Ben Higgins Spotted Flirting With a Mystery Blonde -- Uh-Oh (PHOTO)

Did you ever think that a cool, single guy flirting with a girl would make national headlines? I didn't, but I guess where Ben Higgins is concerned, we make exceptions. The guy is promised to not just one other woman, but 25 of them, so the news that Ben H. was spotted flirting with another girl a few weeks before his season of The Bachelor films is a little fishy.


Honestly, though, this hardly feels like news: Last week, Ben posted an Instagram photo from the Taylor Swift concert he attended with fellow ex–Bachelorette contestant JJ Lane. It was cute and fine an innocent.

But then OK! magazine found a photo that a woman posted of her and Ben at the same concert, cozied up to each other:

Fun night out at @taylorswift with this cutie! �

A photo posted by Kelly Osborn (@kellyosborn) on

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So that happened. But is it fair to call it flirting? Or label this as Ben "getting a head start on finding his future wife"? NO. That's not fair at all. There are two million ways this photo could be more incriminating than it is -- I mean, there's no kissing or eye-gazing or hand-holding. It's just ... a pose.

We don't know anything about this night or their relationship, so let the guy enjoy Taylor in peace. Jeez. I think everyone has an issue with Ben's being great and perfect, and they're just trying to ruin his squeaky-clean record. 

Well, good try, guys. But you're not fooling me!


Image via higgins.ben/Instagram

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