'Friends' Is Recut Into a Horror Flick Preview & It's Deliciously Creepy (VIDEO)

If there's anything better than laughing our butts off at our favorite sitcoms, it's seeing those same funny scenes reimagined as something out of a horror film. This time, the people at WorldWideInterweb took on the NBC hit Friends and created a horror movie trailer called Dead Friends.


Take a look at how they brilliantly transformed some the most iconic moments from the show and made them terrifying.

Isn't it funny how they can change the feel of something with editing cuts, background noise, and music, and even changing it to black and white?

I love that they included the "yeti" that Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) and Monica (Courteney Cox) found in the storage room. And the time Joey (Matt LeBlanc) almost "got" Chandler (Matthew Perry) with the drill.

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And you knew Phoebe's (Lisa Kudrow) creepy art portrait would make an appearance. That thing was freaky even when it was supposed to be funny. And Red Ross (David Schwimmer) came out too!

Well done, guys, well done.


Image via WorldWideInterweb

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