Farrah Abraham Declared 'Most Vile' Member of 'Celebrity Big Brother (UK)'

In news that will shock absolutely no one, Farrah Abraham has been declared the 'most vile' cast member on Celebrity Big Brother (UK). The reality show junkie made an enemy on a recent episode when she threatened to spit on someone, so ... yeah.


Housemate Natasha Hamilton was the lucky one who was threatened by the Teen Mom OG star, so she commented that Farrah was the "most vile" member of the house. No kidding.

Ever being her sweet self, Farrah's comment over the label was, "I accept that, I am happy I don't take s--t from someone off the bat coming in the house and loves to talk s--t or talk about me with Austin [Armacost], so I am happy I stood up for myself."

She also doesn't regret the spitting threat. She added, "I would love to spit on someone who treats people like that from their first impression because that is a horrible first impression."

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Dude. Farrah. If you repeatedly threaten to spit on someone, that's no longer a first impression -- it's a repeat offense.

Indeed, Farrah has not been popular among her castmates -- she was also labeled as most boring, least trustworthy, and least talented. She said, "I'm happy to be the least popular person in the house because I love that I stand up for what people believe in."

Well OK then. Someone of us crazies just prefer to be around pleasant people, I guess.


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