Jenelle Evans Goes to Extreme Measures to Win Custody of Jace Back From Her Mom

Jenelle EvansThe girls were back with a new episode of Teen Mom 2 tonight, and between breakups and rehab and custody battles and new houses, there was a lot going on!


Leah Messer finally made her way to a month-long treatment facility, after delaying her stay in order to get some legal matters taken care of. First she had to finalize her divorce from Jeremy Calvert, who was "livid" to find out his child support payments for Addie will be $1,731.65.

Then she had to talk to Corey Simms about custody of twins Aleeah Grace and Ali, as she had to delay her rehab stay out of fear of his filing paperwork to get full custody of them. After talking with his lawyer, Corey agrees that the best course of action is to see what happens after Leah gets home from treatment.

Meanwhile, Kailyn Lowry was also dealing with custody and child support issues involving Isaac, her son with Jo Rivera. Javi was still upset with Kail for having Jo over to talk about finances and schedules, but they seem to reach a resolution and all three plan to meet to discuss child support.

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Jo wants to avoid going to court, saying they're just going to make him hand over all his money. It puts Kail in a really tough spot, as she doesn't want to disturb the peace in their lives with a legal battle.

But they do need the support, as Isaac gets older and involved in more activities; plus they just decided to move into a bigger house, so funds will definitely be tight for a while.

Chelsea Houska and Cole DeBoer are still going strong, and he's planning to move in with her and Aubs and their menagerie of pets, including Pete the pig. "I've wanted a family since I had Aubree," the reality star confessed, something that was never possible with Adam Lind.

Speaking of that guy deadbeat, Aubree came home from a weekend with Adam's parents, and declared that she didn't see much of him, because he is "getting too much girlfriends." Yup, pretty much.

Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith are still on the outs, but have been managing to stay amicable for their son Kaiser's sake. Things aren't that great with her other son Jace, though, whom her mom Barbara has had full custody of since he was born.

She's reluctant to give Jace back to Jenelle to raise, because she says, "You can't rip a child from the only home he's known." She wants to wait another year or two for Jenelle to settle down, but girlfriend is ready to take Babs to court. Hopefully they'll be able to find a workable solution.


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