Maci Bookout Drinks a 'Beer' With Baby Jayde in Her Arms & the Internet Freaks Out (PHOTO)

You just can't please anyone, can you, Teen Moms? Maci Bookout holds daughter Jayde in a new Instagram photo while holding what (might be) a beer, and Maci's fans are going nuts.


The reality star presumably had no idea the wrath she was about to incur when posting a seemingly innocent picture of what appears to be the family sitting in the living room while she and boyfriend Taylor McKinney engage in an NFL Fantasy Draft. 

War room #Draftday @macideshanebookout

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Maci may or may not be holding a beer in one hand while she cradles Jayde in her arms. It's hard to tell whether or not the beverage is simply a soda (would people freak out about the sugar and caffeine?) or actually an adult drink like everyone is making it out to be. Either way -- everyone needs to settle down.

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For starters, it sounds like Maci is formula feeding Jayde so there probably isn't any breastfeeding happening here to be concerned about. Also, unless you've spoken to her doctor (which I'm guessing you haven't), we don't know what advice or rules he or she may have given Maci in terms of alcoholic intake if she is breastfeeding. Not to mention it's nearly impossible to do your NFL Fantasy Draft without beer. Does no one watch The League? Kind of kidding about that last part, but seriously, a beer while holding a baby in and of itself is not illegal.

It's sweet that fans care so much about Maci's children, but I really think she's got this under control.


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