'Bachelor in Paradise' Star JJ Lane Almost Loses a Finger in Gruesome Fight

And we thought the cat fighting on The Bachelor was bad! Former Bachelorette contestant JJ Lane almost lost a finger after a hockey game went awry (to say the least.)


It seems JJ, who most recently appeared on the second season of Bachelor in Paradise, was on the ice playing a game in Denver, when a fight broke out, as they do in hockey.

According to TMZ, the story goes a little something like this: JJ checked an opposing player, pinning him against the boards, and the dude kind of lost it. He didn't just get angry, he bit JJ's pinky finger ... hard.


One of JJ's pals jumped in and finally got the aggressor to release his chomp so that JJ could head to the ER and get the bloody digit checked out. No need to worry -- it's in a splint and should heal just fine.

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This freak incident comes after JJ alleges he was attacked by gang members earlier this summer.

Seems as though not only is JJ completely unlucky in love these days, but he also has some sort of black cloud following him around in real life as well.


Image via ABC

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