Kaitlyn Bristowe & Shawn Booth's Engagement Is Making Them Overnight Millionaires

After one season of a reality show, celebs are stuck in the strange place where they're still famous, but they don't really have much more to offer us, entertainment wise. The smart ones capitalize on their lingering fame, but we're only just realizing how smart they are. Kaitlyn Bristowe and Shawn Booth have been repping brands all over their social media, and apparently, it paid off: Kaitlyn and Shawn are making close to $3 million from post-Bachelorette endorsement deals alone.


That is ... a lot of money. 

Branding expert David Johnson talked to Life & Style, and estimated that Kaitlyn and Shawn could be making as much as $15,000 per post -- and that's on Instagram or Twitter. So yeah, those posts are annoying to look at on our feeds, but all we have to do is scroll quickly past them and Kaitlyn and Shawn get major cash.

You're welcome, you guys. 

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Johnson said that if the two play their cards right, they could start making as much as $500,000 per post. Uh, hello, at what point do they start giving back to the people doing the work for them? (Me. I'm talking about me.)

Reportedly, if the couple and ABC work out a wedding special deal, that could be an extra $1 million for Shawn and Kaitlyn, but who knows -- we still haven't heard much from them about their future.

Even if they don't end up doing the big wedding special, it seems like Shawn and Kaitlyn are doing just fine for now. They're really playing the game right -- milk it now, and retire early. Doesn't sound too bad, if you ask me.


Image via shawn_booth18/Instagram

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