Jared Haibon Was Stood Up by Gorgeous 'Bachelor' Alum -- You'll Never Guess Who

Bachelor in Paradise's Jared Haibon is a fan favorite and a total catch -- but he may have his eye on a girl who has her mind set on someone else. After maybe agreeing to hook up in Los Angeles, Becca Tilley reportedly stood up Jared, and many are wondering if it's because she has Ben Higgins on the brain.


Becca was the runner-up on Chris Soules's season of The Bachelor and, as she is a sweet, lovely girl with lots of personality, many of us assumed her time on reality TV wasn't up just yet. Keeping it within the Bachelor family, she apparently was on the receiving end of Jared's advances after he made it pretty clear that he was into her and wanted to hook up while he was in L.A. last week, but, according to Reality Steve, Becca told him they'd meet and then poor Jared didn't hear a peep from her when he arrived in California.

If you've ever taken a look at Becca's Twitter, you'll see she is quick and witty -- and sometimes flirtatious. So it's possible she simply believed she and Jared were engaging in a little innocent exchange and weren't actually going to hook up. Or maybe Jared pulled one of those classic boy moves where he made believe getting together was no biggie, even though he really wanted to get together with her, thus making her think it was totally cool for her to blow it off. Who knows what actually happened?

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Of course, it's also possible that she thought twice about it, assuming it might ruin her chances of appearing on Ben's season of The Bachelor, which starts filming later this month. I mean, this tweet kind of says it all:

Jared is a total sweetheart who deserves to find a good girl, but Becca is smart for holding off if she thinks she and Ben might connect. The girl deserves a shot on Ben's show -- it's her time.


Image via jaredhaibon/Instagram

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