Stephen Colbert's 'Late Show' Premieres: 9 Reasons It Was Worth the Wait (VIDEO)

The long nine months without Stephen Colbert to tuck you in at night has finally ended and the wait was totally worth it. Gone is Stephen's uptight alter ego, and in its place is a new kind of bizarre madness we haven't seen before. From his jokes that often require you to think, to his choice of guests, the premiere of The Late Show With Stephen Colbert showed the beloved host is intent on offering up a talk show with a brain. We're all in.


1. Play ball: Is it dumb that I got chills when Stephen went around the country to sing "The Star-Spangled Banner"? And please tell me you caught Jon Stewart as the umpire kicking off the show. Here's the clip if you didn't.

2. Jokes for days: Colbert's opening monologue hit all the highlights, from the requisite Ashley Madison joke to a pretty funny gag where his boss, Les Moonves (Mr. Julie Chen), manned a big switch in case the show tanked and the network needed to go back to the show they aired in Colbert's Late Show time slot, The Mentalist.

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3. Stay Human: Jon Batiste and Stay Human are officially the coolest band ever. From the new funky fresh Late Show opening jam to those pants Batiste rocked, it was clear from the first show that music is going to be a huge part of the new Late Show.

4. Letterman shout-out: Check. It was classy and pitch-perfect.

5. Sabra Hummus: Can we talk about the ad? Sabra's spot with the evil amulet is pretty much the most memorable ad in the history of late-night television. Well played, Colbert and crew. Well played.

6. Trump jokes -- you can't make just one: Stephen couldn't keep himself from indulging in the comedy cookie jar this is Donald Trump's run for president, and he compared his next several jokes about Trump to bingeing on Oreos. It feels so good, but you'll probably hate yourself in the morning. Pretty sure we can expect plenty of these in the months to come.

7. George Clooney and his fake movie clips: Mr. Amal Alamuddin was Colbert's first guest. He was dashing, charming, and talked about his human rights work. Colbert even gave Clooney a wedding gift, a Tiffany paperweight engraved with "I don't know you." Then they played clips from a fake movie starring Clooney, Decision Strike.

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8. Jeb: Colbert, for all of the time he's spent skewering conservatives, used his first show to give Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush an opportunity to finally be heard over the Trump crazy train. Jeb was charming and smart and looked like a real presidential contender.

 9. "Everyday People": Stay Human was joined by an army of famous musicians -- including Mavis Staples, Buddy Guy, Ben Folds, Alabama Shakes songstress Brittany Howard, and even Colbert himself -- to perform a killer rendition of "Everyday People" to close out the first show. It was joyful, fun, and gave us a taste of just how fun late-night television just got now that Colbert has joined the lineup.



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