Tenley Molzahn Won't Return to 'The Bachelor' but Ben Higgins Has Nothing to Do With It

Tenley MolzahnTenley Molzahn may have left Bachelor in Paradise without finding the love that she hoped for, but it's totally okay. She's such a catch that it won't be long until she meets her perfect match -- but that match won't be Ben Higgins. Tenley won't be joining The Bachelor 2016, so if you were hoping you'd see her vying for roses once again, you'll probably be let down.


According to a report from E! News, Tenley won't be pulling a Nick Viall and showing up sometime during Ben's season, even though they were rumored to have spent some time together after filming for BIP wrapped up. 

"She and Ben had the opportunity to get to know each other and I think if they connected on the level that Kaitlyn and Nick did, it would be a different story," the insider says.

But that's not the only reason Tenley won't be on The Bachelor. She's actually over the idea of chasing guys, and that's all that The Bachelor is really about.

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"Also, Tenley wants to be pursued, not the pursuer, and she doesn't want to be put in the insecure position of competing with a bunch of girls," the source added.

Can't blame her for that! It would have been awesome to see her next season, but if she doesn't want to deal with the emotional struggle that comes with The Bachelor, she's better off buying roses at the grocery store like the rest of us. 

But The Bachelorette? That's where I want to see Tenley, and I think she'd agree.


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