9 'Bachelor' Hookups So Scandalous We Feel Naughty Even Mentioning Them (PHOTOS)

Nicole Pomarico | Sep 18, 2015 TV

As wonderful as it is when contestants on Bachelor franchise shows find true love (which usually goes with huge diamond rings), it's more common that instead of love, they find lust. Over the past million seasons of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, on-screen hookups have ranged from steamy to downright scandalous -- and they aren't even limited to cast members, either. 

Let's have some fun and relive some of the most memorable Bachelor hookups in the show's history. If you forgot about a few of these, don't worry -- this will definitely jog your memory. 


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  • Rozlyn Papa & a 'Bachelor' Producer


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    On Jake Pavelka's season of The Bachelor, Rozlyn was caught having an affair with one of the show's producers during filming -- yikes! This was definitely a first in Bachelor Nation, and it surprised no one when she was quickly sent home and the offending producer was fired from the show. Not cool, guys! 

  • Michelle Kujawa & a 'Bachelor in Paradise' Crew Member


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    Much like Rozlyn who came before her, Michelle found herself in a bind when she was caught having an affair of her own with a Bachelor in Paradise crew member just two episodes into last summer's Season 1. Michelle decided to leave the show on her own terms, and the guy she was sleeping with? He may or may not have jumped off the balcony, breaking both of his feet. 

  • Joe Bailey & Samantha Steffen


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    When Samantha arrived on the scene on Bachelor in Paradise, she made a beeline for Joe Bailey -- and he quickly dropped Juelia for her. Why? Because apparently, they made a deal that Joe would do whatever he had to in order to stay on the show long enough to be there when Sam arrived. Dirty tricks! The good news? Their romance quickly fizzled out. Karma.

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  • Chris Soules & Britt Nilsson


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    Chris broke a lot of rules on The Bachelor to spend more time with Britt, and the other women in the house were definitely feeling ignored and left out as a result. Remember that time they skipped out on a group date for a one-on-one to a concert? Yeah, that had to hurt for everyone else.

  • Kaitlyn Bristowe & Nick Viall


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    Speaking of breaking the rules? That definitely applies here too. Kaitlyn slept with Nick before Fantasy Suite dates, after letting him join the competition for her heart right in the middle. At least they did have some serious chemistry and it made for awesome TV. 

  • Andi Dorfman & Nick Viall


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    Andi and Nick were hot and heavy on The Bachelorette, but she ended up sending him home in favor of letting Josh Murray propose instead. This led to a nasty confrontation on Men Tell All later, where Nick called her out for sleeping with him without the purest of intentions.

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  • Clare Crawley & Juan Pablo Galavis


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    Clare invited Juan Pablo for a late-night dip in the ocean that turned into a huge scandal. Eventually, Clare made the call that JP wasn't the right guy for her (after he told her that he loved having sex with her, obviously) and I'm willing to bet she's happy she's not currently Mrs. Galavis. 

  • Courtney Robertson & Ben Flajnik


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    Kinda like Clare and JP, Courtney and Ben also skinny-dipped in the ocean, and Courtney was more than willing to admit that she and Ben did actually have sex that night -- kinda. 

  • Chris Soules & Carly Waddell's Sex Date


    Image via Rick Rowell/ABC

    Was this more scandalous or uncomfortable? While in New Mexico, Chris took Carly to see a sex guru, who had them both nearly naked and breathing all over each other. If it was that awkward for us to watch at home, it had to have been even worse for them.

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