Crazy 'Dancing With the Stars' Promos Are Tough to Take Seriously (VIDEOS)

Gary Busey Dancing With The StarsThe electric disco ball acid trip that is Dancing with the Stars is coming back this season in a big way. Don't take my word for it, you just gotta watch these DWTS season 21 promo videos they've been teasing us with to get us all worked up for the September 14 premiere. Spoiler alert: Paula Deen and Gary Busey are going to be epic this season.


Here's a cute little ad featuing the pros, and they are both impossibly good-looking and awesome dancers. Yes, folks, this is how it's actually done.

Next up, we get a little peek at the cuteness that is Tamar Braxton, who is pretty plausible as a dancer. She's got on killer high tops and shows she's got some chops. Look for Tamar to go deep into the season.

But you guys, check out Paula Deen, who not too long ago was in the middle of a very ugly and public battle with employees who accused her of being a racist. So it's a little cringeworthy to watch Paula "whisk" and "Nae Nae." Awkward. Butter. No Paula. 

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But the DWTS producers know they can always count on Gary Busey to make with the cray cray. Here is Gary doing his own "Nae Nae" and all you can think about the whole time you're watching is how many takes it must have gotten poor Gary to get there.

It's going to be fun to watch this whole group this season, and you can bet America will tune in to see who can go all the way.


Image via DancingABC/Twitter

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